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Modular Octogonal Masts for Separate Concrete Placing Booms

Modular Octogonal Masts

Schwing octogonal masts
Schwing Modular Octogonal Masts
Schwing octogonal masts diagram

Modular Octagonal Masts

Schwing simplifies the process of mounting and erecting separate placing booms with the exclusive modular octagonal mast design. This innovative system provides value, convenience and a world-wide solution for all Schwing separate placing boom applications. Simply assemble the four or six-meter sections to create the mast length that best suits your project's needs. Transporting and handling the modular sections is simplified and 16 reusable bolts are all that is needed to join the sections. The strength of the modular sections allows free-standing applications to 70-feet for 28-meter booms and 50-feet for 37-meter units without counterweight. Contractors can easily transition from free standing at the start of a project to self-climbing floor frames in a matter of hours. Accessories can also be easily added thanks to brackets welded on each mast section that accept convenient ladder/pipeline holders allowing fast installation. Standard length ladders with bolt on back protectors and a galvanized metal work platform are also available to give workers a stable environment when mounting or operating a placing boom. The same octagonal mast works in free-standing, self-climbing and non-climbing slab-supported applications.


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